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Each PLINKO® chip will move right and left across the top of the board.

Clicking or tapping on the game board will cause the chip to drop and fall into one of the nine spaces.

You win the total number of entries associated with the spaces in which all three chips landed.


In PUNCH A BUNCH you are shown twenty-five available prize holes to select from.

Select a prize hole by clicking or tapping on one.

You win the total entries from all three punched holes.


To start, a cup with a ball underneath will be shown.

Follow the ball as the cups get shuffled and select a cup where you believe the ball is.

If the ball is underneath the selected cup, you will win drawing entries for your selections.


Place your three X's on the right or left side of the board, in an available, highlighted space.

After all three X's have been placed, the middle row will rotate to reveal where the hidden X is.

If you matched three X's in a row, diagonally, or horizontally, you win the total number of entries associated with the matched X's.

If you experience technical difficulties while playing or attempting to play a game, or if you choose not to play a game, the points* that would have been revealed in the course of playing a game will be credited to your entry account.