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Miami Heat Playoff Experience Promotion
Please enter a valid ticket or voucher number. (numbers only)

Voucher Entry

miamiHeat Promo sample voucher

To enter your voucher in the POWERBALL® Miami HEAT Playoff Experience Promotion:

  1. Locate the number on the bottom of your voucher. (See example)
  2. Enter the first 13 digits of the voucher number (your entry number) in the field provided below.
  3. Click SUBMIT.

Promotion has ended.
Voucher Entry is now closed.

You must wait until the top of the hour after purchase to enter your voucher number. Only enter the first 13 digits of the voucher number. Please enter numbers only (do not include dashes).

Once you have entered your first voucher number, you are ready to enter another voucher. You'll find a record of your entries at the bottom of this page. Enter as many voucher numbers as you wish, but any single voucher number may only be entered once.

Remember: Keep your voucher after it is entered in the drawing; winning vouchers must be submitted to claim a prize.

If you experience difficulty when submitting your voucher number, please click on the FAQs tab or contact the Lottery's Customer Service office.

Miami HEAT Playoff Experience Promotion Voucher Entry List

Game Number Voucher Number Date Entered Draw Date
There are no vouchers entered for this second chance promotion.

Please Note: All entries are final.